Using 'female hypergamy' as an excuse is big time coping

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

The ol' line of reasoning with many guys here is something like:

"I just want a looksmatched girlfriend. Why can't I just have that? I don't want some land whale!"

They don't realize that the reason they can get only land whales is because that's what their league is. They will respond by saying that internet driven female hypergamy, in the forum of online dating, girls lusting after MM's, and feminism fuels girls to reject the guys that look just like them.

But they forget one very important thing, male beauty standards are very different from female beauty standards. This should be old hat by now but a lot of these guys don't seem to get it. They think that because they're thin they should have a thin girlfriend. Have you ever noticed most incel guys are thin? From a sexual market standpoint being thin as a guy is meaningless. Obviously being a fat slob isn't better, but slimness is a big sexual premium for female attractiveness, not male. A woman's slimness is about 80% of the battle to look good. Men are judged on height (to an extent), facial symmetry, bone distribution, especially facially, masculinity, horizontal presence (girls like parts on guys to be wide for the most part), uniqueness of colouring, and voice depth far far more than on how thin he is.

Being thin slim, smooth, and delicate are attractive traits on women, they're meaningless on men if he has bad features.

Yes, many women are unrealistically hypergamous, many are also not. These guys are professional internet dwellers and anyone with a real social life knows the internet does NOT reflect reality.

Bottom line, if you can only get land whales it's very likely that's your league.

this si fucking faggot WK shit.

Decent looking guys who hit the gym should be able to get a looks match, not some fat slob. its fucking collective hypergamey from women and feminism... fuck off faggot

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