MRA's, incels & MGTOW's are just as bad as the feminists

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

As do today's feminists they ALL operate on the premise that sexual selection is based on social constructs and not hard wired in millions of years of evolution, and that there exists a political, social, or economic strategy that could undue that.

Sorry, but influence on symptoms don't equal causation any more than correlation does. Men want their dicks in as many cunts as they can get because not spreading their genes meant their kind would die out, and women want the highest quality dick she can get because bearing crappy genetics quite possibly meant she'd starve to death.

The existence of all the sub-par men that walk the Earth today have ONLY to do with the fact that men attempted to change these biological FACTS with social policy. But you can push radical Islam, or Western style mysogny, or MGTOW, monogamy, or WHATEVER your preferred flavour is all you like. You can't beat biology. Only millions of years can do that and last I checked your life span is but a drop in the bucket.

Cats, who is a viscious woman hater due to his pussy drying nature, will probably send this thread to the WK section, but that doesn't make this any less true. Is it WK'ing to say the truth? Because of evolution, an incel can't help he looks the way he does, but no more can a woman help not being attracted to him... also due to evolution.

Take it up with nature

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