just lulz at you loser aspies who bitch about women

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

being shallow, hypergamous sluts who only fuck chads, when your horny, sexually-frustrated assed would be doing the SAME EXACT THING IF YOU WERE in their position, lol. If you were constantly being hit on by tons of 8's 9's and 10's ,like any of your asses would fuck a fat 5 or an ugly 6. You would be pounding all the hot whore pussy you could, just like Tigger Woods, lulz, yet you blame sluts for doing exactly that. The ONLY DIFFERENCE between you and Chad and his white trash whores are that they are fucking and you aren't. That is it. You are ALL slaves, but at least Chad and his whores have sex instead of b itching about how the world sucks, and their lives suck, and Tinder sucks, and liberalism sucks and blah blah blah b lah

Fuck you, you are an absolute extremist feminist anarchist that is a liability to a normalised conservative productive civilisation where everyone contributes to civilisation doing seperate things and gender roles for the greater good mate! That is absolutely necessary regardless of your "political correctness" and estrogen rebuttle the fact still remains to have a normal, structured, organised and moral society feminism can not come into play it's women being victims all the time by the law and just locking men up for shit that has not even transpired!!! You have no idea about anything we need the world to be like the 1930s-40s and that is my plan to make society a moral, structured, organised and great place for humanities safe haven of living in a globalised format mate! :!: :!:

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