Im leaving White knight section and never comming back

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

Honestly I dont need to destroy my nerves and punch though my monitor. What fucking cunt did not banned Lyrenness and others? Dude she talks how she abuses guys and knows they just want ot fuck her (friends,....).
You fucking bitch doesnt know what a friend is..... you will never know. If you have afriend he would help ya he would sacrifice himself for you. Friend is SO ABUSED word today.
Then she goes on about her aspiration (again refuses looks matched guys) and ends it with being ok (frigid non orgasmic cunt) with validation from "friends".
This is the most NON sluthate part of the forum. Should get deleted ASAP with all cunts bannedXDD. :rambo:
I mean honestly guys???? Seriously?

You would fuck your friend cause he is horny... But he is not your friend.. you dont know what that means. You have only you in your life... You are the center of universe and others are just orbiting, cause you deserve james bond right?
Fuck you bitchXD

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