women are more evolved than men if u think about it

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

they are usually smarter from a younger age and learn how to talk sooner than boys. autism is much rarer in females compared to males as well. considering advanced communication and social thinking etc is the main thing that separates humans from less evolved animals should tell u enough as it is. and u can look up the stats but AFAIK there's more females in college than men in the US atm or close to it, and that's impressive considering our society is still technically a patriarchy and super misogynist and ppl want women to only be stay at home moms etc. women deal with emotional and physical trauma much better than men as well (basic biology, giving birth is insane as fuck. the bodies of most men would literally shut down from the pain of giving birth)

so basically the only things men are better at is raw physical strength and maybe engineering bullshit or w/e, and that's cause most women don't give a fuck about shit like that. so ya u can say men have created all the infrastructure in society but that's basically like saying chimps are high IQ cause they can piece together legos. that's basically what modern men do but just on a more advanced scale.

Legit. Women are an advanced species. Neotenous, gracile features. Less body hair.

Men can be compared to apes with their body hair and brow ridge, like in gorillas. They even walk like apes.

Most men don't even have an eye for fashion. A sense of fashion requires a lot of intuition, which is too much for men to handle. Women are naturally more intuitive, hence have a better sense of fashion. Their improved sense of intuition, not only make women better socializers, it also makes women better fashionistas.

Some will see women to be bitchy if she rejects a man's sexual advances harshly. But this is not the case. Women have a better sense of social intuition, and can instantly sense if a man is a creep or dangerous. Any display of incongruity like awkwardness or nervousness will be picked up by them and they will react accordingly to protect themselves.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, more evolved in every way except their brains. Look at all of the scientific and technological advancements made by men vs. women and then reassess your opinion.

Why men want sex and women want love
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