Incels to be forced to become cuckslaves to alphas and gays

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

As most of them are of no value to society, being too neet or too aspie to contribute economically, it has been agreed that this should become law.
Any man who reaches the age of 25 without losing his virginity will be forced to serve as slaves, sexually and otherwise, in the homes of rich alpha slayers and their slut wives, feminists, or by rich homosexual couples.
By failing to attract a mate in any way, the incel has demonstrated his worthlessness, and that the only value his worthless ass has is as a cum receptacle for wealthy gays, feminist, sluts and slayer. Those employed in slayer/slut or feminist households will carry out all domestic work as directed by the slayer/slut / feminist of the household, will be available for work 24/7/365 whenever menial tasks need doing. They will receive only food to keep them alive, and be banned from any contact with the outside world or use of the internet.
The slavecel will be expected to follow all orders without question. Any disobedience can be punished physically by the master/mistress. In return for each year of obedient service, the slavecel will be allowed to masturbate once, yearly, on Christmas day. Slaves who are particularly disobedient will be neutered to remove the one yearly pleasure they can hope for in their miserable lives.
Any slavecels employed in lesbian households will be neutered immediately, to prevent the chance of them achieving a vile erection in the presence of their mistress.
This law will be passed across USA and Europe and Australia early 2016 and there's nothing you can do about it, sorry.

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