Where is the "harassment"

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3D Face Analysis wrote:Look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIyzYU3oF1g

People have commented that the men were "harassing" women, because the video contained clips of the men complimenting that she is beautiful or making comments about women wearing dresses.

Jess Aarons wrote:Telling someone they simply "look good" is far different than these blatantly sexual comments

In another clip (0:32) there was news about "airport security screening" prohibiting women from wearing skirts, and a man pointed out that for example the female was wearing may be "cause some problems". Yet people somehow take offense to this comment, maybe they believed that the men were making a "sexual joke."

In one clip (0:49) it showed men commenting about how a woman was identically dressed as another woman, wearing the same green dress, which is true, yet people somehow take offense to this comment.

Also people have said that she "clearly" is uncomfortable.

Romeo Casido wrote:yeah you can tell she's uncomfortable... those guys are either idiots or noticed it and didn't care

PS4&Beer wrote:That's pretty much harassment to me. In some of the clips she look uncomfortable. Men should know how to read cues from women.

But I fail to see any "harassment" or "insults" in the video. The women were laughing to the compliments and jokes. Laughter indicates that a person is comfortable. Unless they were faking their laughter.

Other people were offended because they thought the men were objectifying her based on her appearance:

francis wrote:They acknowledge her looks before her input, and make uncomfortable jokes based on stereotypes. It may not be malicious, but it sure seems tiring to put up with. The male hosts here aren't forced to confront such comments, and there are other ways to commend someone beyond affirming their physical attributes. Disappointing.

betterofallevils wrote:Compliments are great. People love to get them. These "compliments" however, are much more than that. They're becoming more degrading over time. Rather than being complimentary they're reducing her to appearances only. Look at the responses below "Would you rather get called ugly instead?" and the obvious answer to that is NO. There is no reason to comment on her looks at all.

James Blyth wrote:obviously this must not be the whole story. i can't see how this is sexual harassment. being told you look good everyday must be tough. some were borderline insulting to some women but there was no physical contact in these videos anyway

Not harassment if it's from a guy who looks like Chico
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"Harassment" is being complimented, looked at, or approached by a non top-tier genetic male specimen.

If David Gandy looks at a girl, says hi to a girl, approaches a girl or compliments a girl on the tube station, its a compliment, she's all fuzzy and her ego is boosted.

If a subhuman did the same as Gandy - its disgusting behaviour and the police are called.

This is the way it is. Women only want hot men to interact with them.

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