You talk a lot of shit behind my back

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Well well. Look at this fucking junkie poor subhuman faggot dragging me down to his fucking level. You dare insult my intelligence when you fail to kill yourself despite the simplicity of that task. If i hadn't dropped out by now it should be obvious that I'm doing well. Unlike you who's too stupid to finish some stupid worthless degree. You dare insult my lifestyle when you basically live like a crack nigger. You earn less than 20k$ a year lol you're probably on welfare. You call me ugly despite never having seen me. All the shit you say about non whites is not because whites are an inferior race, it's only simply because you are an ugly ass motherfucker. You know I'm better than you, keep trying to spread lies about me. If I don't care about a gynocel, anyone else hardly would. I almost never trained in the gym and i have a body that's gynofree, abs showing and actually aesthetic, compare that to your face, im like a work of art and you are the shit in your toilet. You are big because you are fat. Cut down the lard and you'll see a walking skeleton with invisible muscle mass. If you still think you're better than me, come say it to my face. If you have the guts then I'd show you my gratitude by doing what you've failed to do for so long, killing yourself.

If I see you talk shit behind my back i won't let it slide. I will severely punish you.

I mog you into oblivion. You are just a mad bitter faggot. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Stop acting like a bitch. You want to fight just name the time and place fr. You only deadlift 175 lbs and are an anorexic manlet id be happy to snap you in half like a toothpick.

Plus you always start shit with me to begin with.

Why don't you make some more memes behind a computer because that's your too much of a bitch for a real fight.

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