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Ed Sheeran is going to smash Glastonbury. Yesterday the inevitable happened: after months of speculation, Sheeran was finally confirmed as the third headliner for this year's festival on Worthy Farm.

The guitar-slinging troubadour has got everything it takes to be a festival sensation: talent, charisma, almost unmatchable popular appeal and stirring, heartfelt songs that hundreds of thousands of merry revellers can sing along to.

As the closing act on Sunday night, I fully expect one of those genuinely astonishing displays of communal joy and solidarity that make Glastonbury festival special, whatever the weather.

I confidently declare this as a pre-emptive strike against the inevitable naysayers. Twitter wags were quick off the mark last night.

“Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran headlining Glastonbury is like a Top Gear challenge involving a Ferrari, a Porsche and a carrier bag” said @SunnyRandhawa. “Following Radiohead and Foo Fighters with Ed Sheeran is like serving toast having just eaten fillet steak!” jibed @tobyjones. And so on.

“Ed Sheeran is more boring than golf, cricket and horse racing combined” said someone who has presumably never been participated in any of them. “Good of Glastonbury to cater for people who don’t like music” quipped another.

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