You guys should really unlink accounts if you talk about JBs

It is in your best interests to make a new account with Tor Browser Bundle for talking about anything related to JBs, I feel safe as fuck talking about them because I can't be deanonymized, but you should really be kind of careful, it's entirely possible that FBI is keeping an eye on this place or maybe even monitoring private messages, so just my suggestion is that you should use Tor Browser Bundle and make a new account here, use your old account for regular discussion that leaks your personal information, and use your secondary account only with Tor ever, and then you can talk about kind of more sensitive things with your other account. I'm even seeing some people here actually incriminating themselves a bit, you really don't want to do that.

Also it is pretty easy to use GPG for private messages, maybe we should get in the habit of that simply because then communications are end to end encrypted and nobody can spy on them.

Keep in mind even if you use Tor if someone is already watching you + watching this site they can correlate the stream and link you to your new account, but it will make it harder for them at least. If you are not already being monitored (which is a big advantage I have seeing as I always used Tor here) then it is much harder to deanonymize you.

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