Your MK-677 is not real MK-677

There are two labs that make MK-677 that we usually use. We got a shipment in from the first one a few weeks ago. It was not up to our purity standards. So we went to the second lab to get another shipment in. That arrived today, and it too was not pure. So now we have a few kilograms of impure MK-677, and we think the labs are modifying their HPLC methods to make it seem pure, when it is not. We are comparing it to a known good Sigma standard. So I trust that over the HPLC methods used by the lab making it. So that leaves us with an issue. These two labs are really the only ones making MK-677, and are supplying pretty much all the vendors out there. They appear to be selling subpar MK-677 now, and we seem to be the only vendor complaining about it.
victim count : 40

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