"Redpill" = excuse to give up and lazycel

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

It's all about face anyway, why would I bother at all. Better just play video games and fap all day.

Life on easymode.

That's the whole point of it. Just admit it to yourselves.

well someone is not enjoying your own redpill

this will definitely hurt a site that's already on the oxygen tank

Lombardo wrote:It's not just about face. It's also about height.


i'm an 18 year old virgin i cant breath chew or sleep i have constant head aches i'm bullied by my family i'm ugly as fuck and everybody would be happier if i ate a bullet

Easy mode huh? There's nothing "easy" about admitting that you're genetic trash. You're genetically inferior. There's nothing easy about admitting that you will never ever be attractive to women and you're going to die alone.
In a world of deceit open your eyes.

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