How the blackpill shaped my life

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English is not my first language. Until I was 17 I was good looking, I had amazing hair and never had a pimple. But one day I got like six pimples, and then i got massive acne. I also started balding. At this point I started to like girls, but I thought "I have massive acne, I will wait for the acne to go away to try to talk to them". I am 22 and the acne hasn´t gone away and I am severely balding, and my head shape is terrible. I asked a girl from my college if she would give me a hug (i asked through facebook) (i know it was a very autistic thing to do, but girls look so huggable i always wanted to hug one) and she said no. I am also short. I know it is over for me, as I also am a severe mentalcel. Now I just lay in bed 22 hours a day and spend most of my day trying to choose a film to watch, but the black pill makes it hard to enjoy films. I can barely do anything all I do is breathe and enjoy food. some days i spend the full 24 hours in bed. i obviously quitted college. im a neet. i cant talk to anyone i feel isolated that´s why i wanted to share my story sorry if i bothered you

Acne and balding are not genetic.

Prevent Hair Loss - Free eBook
Acne and Antioxidant Status

Height could be increased by a good diet.

Vitamin A is known to increase height.

The most compelling study is one that assigned 102 teenage boys with short stature and delayed puberty into four groups: a control, a testosterone-supplemented group, a vitamin A- and iron-supplemented group, and a group that received both testosterone and the nutritional supplementation. All treatments were effective in inducing growth and puberty, whereas the control group did not gain weight or begin puberty in the same period of time. What is most amazing is that the degree of growth acceleration was similar in the testosterone-treated group and the vitamin A-treated group. Pubertal onset occurred in 9-12 months in the testosterone group, and by 12 months in the vitamin-A group.4

This study suggests two things. The first is that the growth problems these boys experienced could have been avoided if their parents only had known the importance of serving a meal with liver on a weekly basis, as liver is very rich in both vitamin A and iron. The second is that, with equivalent hard work and dedication, athletes and body builders may be able to achieve similar results from their training by taking high-vitamin cod liver oil and eating foods rich in vitamin A on a regular basis as others receive from the common practice of supplementing with testosterone precursors. ... -nutrient/

Other nutrients such as calcium are known to increase testosterone levels.

Our results show that training results in increased testosterone levels in athletes and that the increase is greater if accompanied by calcium supplementation, which may be useful for increasing overall athletic performance.

Magnesium increases free testosterone levels by 24%.

Our results suggest that vitamin D supplementation might increase testosterone levels.

Height could also be increased with aromatase inhibitors, HGH and testosterone injections.

stfu 3dfag, you obviously know nothing slant-eyed ignorant motherfucker. stop misinforming people.

balding isn't genetic and height can be increased with diet jfl

then why are you still a midget subhuman?

Necrotoxic wrote:stfu 3dfag, you obviously know nothing slant-eyed ignorant motherfucker. stop misinforming people.

balding isn't genetic and height can be increased with diet jfl

then why are you still a midget subhuman?
Disproving the dogma of someone in denial will always be met with bumps and snags in the road. Trying to find anyway to dissemble your clarifications of fact through saying "well nobody knows, and you can't prove it unless you show me.

You should rely on people to tell the truth when it comes to people so egotistically subconscious as this. There's a huge market for it.

There are studies showing that hair loss could be reversed by antioxidant supplements like tocotrienols (unsaturated vitamin E). Hair loss could be contributed by inflammation and oxidative stress, just like acne, read the article about antioxidants and acne that I linked to in my previous post.

In conclusion, this trial demonstrated that supplementation with tocotrienol capsules increases hair number in volunteers suffering from hair loss as compared to the placebo group. This observed effect was most likely to be due to the antioxidant activity of tocotrienols that helped to reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in the scalp, which are reported to be associated with alopecia.

Necrotoxic wrote:then why are you still a midget subhuman?

Because I did not eat enough when I was growing up. I was afraid that I will get fat. I purposefully underate. I was underweight when I was between 15-19 which probably stunted my growth. My weight was under 5 percentile for my age. I also ate a lot of soy products. Soy is estrogenic. Estrogen causes premature fusion of the growth plates.

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