Online dating is in decline, nightclubs are closing.So how..

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are people hooking up?

This was going to be a thread about "catfishman" trolling and catfishing girls. My question was "how can anyone be dumb enough to fall for a catfish in 2018"?
Granted he is USA and I am in the UK but seriously there are hardly any women in my hometown on the site Plenty of Fish. ... 0of%20fish

Some other interesting sights, most nightclubs have been closed or mothballed. I guess no-one is into random hook-ups anymore.
This is evidenced when you type "nightclubs" since 2004 into google trends. ... nightclubs

This leaves me with one form of speculation. Either women are just not that sexual and their increasingly slutty dress sense is overcompensation to attract Chad against the dwindling backdrop of interest from an increasingly aging, low status, ugly male population.

Yeah I know this is old news but seeing what was theorised actually become reality is weird.

This leaves me with one form of speculation. Either women are just not that sexual and their increasingly slutty dress sense is overcompensation to attract Chad against the dwindling backdrop of interest from an increasingly aging, low status, ugly male population.
Women try to perform to their peak for someone who is at the peak of their interest. A woman wouldn't want to be peak for something unspectacular.
Why would you polish your shoes if you're going to walk on a dirty road?
Women feel super self conscious, but they wouldn't if they're going to be around uglies anyway. Unless they were afraid for their safety, and the uglies would kill her if she were not good looking but that's different. We don't live in this much of a barbaric age anymore.
In those cases it's not about self interest, but safety. We live in a society where people have the leeway generally to pursue what the want.
Women don't want to be outsourced, but the chad has the first pick. Women want to be among the elite. Hypergamy. Trying to perfect her appearance is a tacit indicator that she wants to be known/ renouned for superficial traits. So if she sees that in such high esteem, then she wouldn't really get with a beta.
Of course if she's trying to attract his money, which is superficial also. But a woman doesn't idealize someone immaterial without being immaterial herself, not superficial. It's just that most women are superficial and hence wil lgot ochad ofr he is superficially supreme.
Women want to qualify, like men, for competitive environments that are indicative of how well-sourced you are. And where people who can't reach it cannot be outsourced by the general population. Where you are greater.

nah clubs/bars are still relevant. less so compared to 2012 but still relevant.

are people hooking up?

depends what you want you have to wait for the correct mating season

autumm= is when the sluts become more serious they try to find a boyfriend to spend the winter

spring and summmer= is when the sluts become promiscuous, they party a lot they like to remain single, they fuck hot guys everyday etc, this ends in the beginning of autumn and the cycle start again

I too notice a big decline in online dating culture. New rules/algorithms have made these apps difficult to use vs. 2015-16. I'm noticing more guys out cold approaching at festivals and stuff than before.
The incels are winning. The chain of events works like this:

More Catfish=more moderation, stupid updates and women fearing for their safety. Stupid updates and catfishers make it so women choose to go out rather than online to meet men in fear of public safety.

That's why I'm so happy for guys like CATFISHMAN. Hopefully more incels hop on the band wagon making online dating obsolete. That way average guys like myself with green eyes, decent physiques and recessed chins have a chance at COLD APPROACH.

Women are getting fed up with perfect jawlines and zygos

They need some guys with imperfections. You still need to be normal looking and not have a short face, but you can look strange.

I’ve been getting so many iois recently that I’m on the verge of believing that shit above


Hedonism pill
You’re borrowing from the future when you hook up
Be awared boyos

Disco's peaked in the 70's. Nightclubs peaked in the 90's - I lived this time and they were big back then. Online dating peaked around 2005-15.

Hookup apps, social media, women sieving/deleting/blocking or simply not adding incels or outcasted unpopular males to their network is on the rise. It has not reached its peak yet me thinks. Its all about being in an online social hive and having others decide your worth by how popular you are through reputation. Individuality has long gone and its all about being a fucking sheep that can say: "look at me I'm so popular so I'm obviously gooood" and looking like male Love Island contestant.

Paranoia is on the rise as well amongst young women as well. Its like they know they're deleting/ignoring men online almost daily, and this fear o treating men like annoyances spills into real life situations. You can't even hold a door open for a woman these days without her thinking its a "creepy stalker act". I long stopped holding doors for women. Fuck 'um.

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